Take a stroll across the Wies'n with Tom and Karin

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Just like every year at least one day Tom and I go for a walk on Munich's world famous Theresienwiese. Come see the Oktoberfest with us.

Do you think getting drunk on beer by the quart is all you can do there?

Well, there's a lot more you can do. You can get dizzy on all kinds of rollercoasters. You can ride a pony, or slide down an old wooden slide. You can also see real fleas doing tricks, pulling little carts.

There is bumper cars, motorcycles racing inside a wooden cylinder, and monster trucks smashing each other.

And if you don't find a seat in one of the giant beer tents, you can find food and drink outside everywhere. My favorite is Steckerlfisch (fish on a stick, grilled over an open fire). Tom doesn't like to eat things that look alive though.

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