Trying out our new carving skis.

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We had bought our new skiing equipment on eBay and were anxious to try it out. My dad owns a small, old house in Going, Austria - and we had a four day weekend for Carneval.

So on March 1st we stuffed the car with skis and things for four people and headed out to get stuck in traffic. The Salzburg Autobahn is always crowded, especially on weekends, but we made it within just 2 and a half hours. Not bad for 97 km.

After getting the house heated up and doing some grocery shopping Alejandra and her friend Greta wanted to try the BigFoots and the Snowboard. Alejandra had a hard time putting on Greta's boots because they are two sizes smaller than her feet.

We had supper at Stanglwirt and took the cable lift up to Brandstadl in Scheffau the next day. It had been snowing and raining all morning, I actually didn't think it would be fun up there at 1650 meters. But I was wrong. We found perfect conditions and enjoyed our new carving skis a lot.

Oh, by the way, who is that guy with the wild hair-do?

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