Visiting animals from all over the world at the zoo.

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Mollie spends her summer vacation with her dad in Munich again, and we haven't seen the new monkey's house at the zoo yet.

So on June 21st 2003 we took the car to the zoo. Tom didn't like the idea of going by car, because that usually means having trouble finding a place to park. We ended up driving twice around the block, then parked somewhere along the road, and took the bus for two stops from there to the zoo.

I always enjoy a walk at the zoo, even though it is usually pretty crowded, if the weather is nice. Munich's zoo has a wide selection of all kinds of animals. From those you would find around here, to the most exotic ones from all over the world.

One very strange fish, which I had never heard of before, can sit on dry land and swim in the water as well. The monkeys are always most fascinating, because they are so much like us.

And I made friends with a funny grey bird, living inside the lion's house. The bird let me tickle it's feet. It was sitting on a branch just above my head. And when I left it came flying down, walking behind me for a while.

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