Tom and I didn't tell anybody - but some people guessed...

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We did it the simplest, fastest way possible: a civil marriage at the courthouse, no fancy dress, no limo, no pink wedding chapel, not even a photographer. So, as of November 21st 2004, Tom and I are officially married, and even married to each other.

If you are living in Germany and want to save time and money, you could just do it like we did. Anleitung zum Heiraten in Las Vegas.

And Las Vegas is the perfect place for a fun-filled honey-moon too! We stayed at the Hilton, located at the North end of the Strip. We also visited most of the other big hotel-casinos like the Mirage, the Luxor, Treasure Island, Circus Circus, the Stratosphere, the Aladdin.

We saw Paris, Venice and New York all within one square mile. We didn't gamble much money, but we watched a thrilling magic show. On my birthday, the 25th of November, we had a *typical* Thanksgiving dinner, with turkey and dressing and mashed potatoes.

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