We had four days, nice weather, and an idea: go see Venice

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OK, four days isn't enough to see all of it, especially when you spend two of those days driving from and to Munich. We still did it, because you never know how long Venice will even be there.

Last time I had been there, in the early 1980s, it looked like it was really ready to go - neglected, dirty, crowded. It's still crowded, and dirty in some areas. But it is clearly not neglected anymore. You see lots of maintenance and repairs going on everywhere.

We stayed in a small hotel on the Lido island. Five minutes walking distance from the 7 miles long beach. The main season hadn't started yet, so the installations on the beach weren't open yet - and most of the people weren't there either. Very relaxing. I caught two little crabs who tried to get away from me by biting my fingers.

We did some of the *must* sights and lived on fish, pasta, pizza and lots of delicious icecream. We watched as a small glass horse was made in a glass factory on Murano island.While Alejandra and Greta hit the disco scene, no limit as far as come-home-time went.

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