Karin alone on Malta.

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While our immigration paperwork was still pending, I wasn't allowed to travel to the USA. But Tom still went to visit Mollie, and Alejandra went to spend some time with her dad in Leon, Spain.

So I was actually alone for a full three weeks, for the first time since 1986. I booked a last minute trip to Malta. Flight, bed and breakfeast, for five nights.

I stayed at the Etvan hotel in Marsascala, a small village with a romantic port, filled with colourful fishing boats. Near-by St. Thomas Bay offers one of the very few sandy beaches, plus the usual crystal clear water. Seing fish swimming around in there, you just can't resist, you have to dive in.

Of course I visited many of the *must see* sights of the island. The ancient temples at Hagar Quim, the Blue Grotto, M'dina, the Blue Lagoon and Comino. I also went shopping in Valetta, rode the public bus and a horse carriage, saw the botanic garden, and ate some rabbit.

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