My first Independence Day in the USA.

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Indiana recently changed the laws about fireworks: it is now fully legal to own AND light your firecrackers here. So we thought about having fireworks in our own backyard.

But once we saw the prices, starting around $50 for a tiny package with half a dozen toys, we decided otherwise. At IPFW campus they had a big $40,000 fireworks show that everybody could watch for free.

People parked anywhere close, or even on the IPFW parking lot, to watch. We took our folding chairs and joined the party. Parking at Ivy Tech was $3 per car. Just across the road from IPFW campus.

We had *Italian* icecream - which didn't look or taste anywhere close to what I am used to. Artificial flavor, artificial coloring, served in a plastic foam cup, very *American*. The show lasted for about half an hour. It was awesome!

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