building a fence around our back yard

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Ever since we've had Armani, we wanted to build a fence around our back yard, so that the dog could run around freely out there.

Finally, after refinancing our mortgage to free up some extra cash, we bought panels, posts, cement and posthole diggers to take on the fence project. We had asked a couple companies for estimates, but they wanted to charge around $5,000 to build that fence. We had figured that we could save over $2,000 by doing it ourselves.

The material was delivered just a few days before our vacation trip to Munich, so Tom could only get two posts and panels set up on the end by our garage. I dug one half hole, and then decided that this was not a good idea, considering the condition of my lower back and the heavy clay in our yard. Tom had to do the entire fence all by himself after we came back from Oktoberfest.

The stack of fence panels and posts in our garage was going down quickly as he worked his way around our property. I think we now have the prettiest fence in the entire neighbourhood, and Armani is running back and forth wide open. He loves it. Which goes to show that, in certain cases, a fence can mean more freedom for somebody.

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