Ride the trolley along the strip in Las Vegas

Our divorces took almost five years to get finalized, our marriage took 90 minutes, including the wait in line with a dozen other couples at the county clerk's office. Las Vegas also offers a lot of other fun things to do, besides getting married.

The cheapest way to get around is the strip trolley. A day ticket costs only $5. But it's for tough guys only. They have about 500 speed bumps to go over, and the seats are solid wood. One of the drivers was really funny. She announced every single bump in the road ahead.

The most scary thing you can do is ride the *X-Scream* on top of the Stratosphere. The tower itself is over 1000 feet high, and then you sit on this train and they hang you out over the edge of the tower. Of course I didn't ride that - and Tom was to fascinated watching it, he didn't even hear me when I asked if he would like to ride it.