Feeding the birds in Venice

Tom had just been re-employed, so he couldn't take a long vacation yet. And Alejandra didn't like the idea of being away from her friends for weeks. So the only way to get away for some travelling together was a four day weekend trip to Venice.

We reserved two double rooms in a small hotel on the Lido island, packed our old car with stuff for ourselves and Alejandra's friend Greta, and drove south. Traffic on the Brenner Autobahn is always heavy, calculate and average speed of no more than 40 mph. It took us eight hours to drive from Munich to the ferry boat to Lido. And then another 90 minutes until we finally reached our destination.

The weather was perfect, the beach was virtually empty, Venice was totally crowded and absolutely fabulous. It should have disappeared from the map about 15 years ago, according to what I was told the last time I had been there - which was 25 years ago. Makes you wonder how they can keep it afloat, even with millions of tourists constantly streaming thru it.