We watch the parade to Oktoberfest every year

Why is it even called *Oktoberfest*, if it takes place mostly in September? Well, it ends after two weeks and two days of partying, on the first Sunday in October. Maybe that's why.

The festival always starts on a Saturday, with pretty big horses pulling heavy loads of beer in old wooden barrels. At 12:00 noon Munich's mayor has to open the first barrel with a wooden hammer.

Of course there will be bets on how many times he has to hit with his hammer before beer will flow out the tap. In 2004 Christian Ude needed three strokes with the hammer.

On the second day of the festival, Sunday, there's a two hour long parade about 6 miles all thru town to the *Wies'n*. People dressed in traditional dresses, playing traditional music, walking along the streets. And the spectators lining their path throw candy at them.

Tom likes these big horses the best, but there's also cows and goats and sheep participating in the parade.