The World's Biggest Party

Oktoberfest 2007 was about average: 6.2 million visitors drank 6.7 million liters (approx. 1.8 million gallons) of beer at an average price of 7.60 € per liter. Among all kinds of snacks people ate 104 entire oxen and half a million chicken. 60% of the visitors live in Munich, 12% came from the rest of Bavaria. 13% of the participants were people from all over Germany, only 15% from the rest of the world - the biggest group coming from Italy. The weather was excellent on 12 of the 16 days.

On the second day of the festival we watched the parade. Approximately 7500 people, horses, cows, goats, dogs and other animals grouped into some 150 colourful bands, dressed in authentic folklore costumes, walk about 6 miles from Maximilianäum to Theresienwiese. The show lasts two hours and is the one thing that you must see, if you can only pick one thing to see at Munich's Oktoberfest.

It's always easier to get around town with public transportation, rather than by car. More so when you plan on getting drunk. If you want to go on any of the rides and rollercoasters, better do that before you eat or drink. I don't like to be turned upside down, but enjoy watching shows.

On October 3rd, the National Holiday, we were invited to one of the big beer tents to party with Tom's colleagues. Trying to get a seat in those tents without reservation is an adventure, but when you have two tables in a box reserved, you can just walk right in. Don't forget to bring your pass, in case doors have been closed already.

The athmosphere in a big beer tent is something you will have to see for yourself, it's hard to describe. And not everybody likes it. I love it! It's loud, it's dirty, it's crowded, and it's so much fun!